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Sakinah Garcia, NY

Jeanie is a strategic leader and tactical negotiator, meeting professionals where they are. She provides tools to craft their brand and bring their full earning potential to fruition. Her personable and sharp nature has garnered tried and true success.  Jeanie's been a key advisor in my career. Her advice, encouragement and patient coaching allowed me to secure multiple offers across sectors growing my salary package exponentially. I highly recommend Jeanie for professionals who want to go to the next level or career changers who need insight and/or coaching on how to get there. Guaranteed, you won't be disappointed.

Jane Torres, NY

When I met Jeanie Ahn, I was in an entry level position for a company that didn't align with my values or goals.  I wasn't sure where to even start or if I was even capable of taking a leap into healthcare, where I really wanted to be.

Jeanie was able to coach me through identifying goals, making a plan and timeline and more importantly, building confidence to take the steps.

She is smart, motivational and no nonsense! I honestly couldn't have made the career moves I have made without her guidance. Today, I am in a senior position at a great healthcare company, making more money than I thought I ever could. 

I am grateful to Jeanie and I cannot recommend her services enough.


Christine Wei, NY

Jeanie was clear and specific with her feedback and knowledgeable about the choice of words to use in my resume, cover letter, and interview.  

She patiently gave me the practice I needed to help me work out my nervous feelings.

On top of that,  she showed that she genuinely cared and kept the whole job search process positive with her great attitude and wonderful sense of humor. 


With her help, I grew in confidence and ultimately got the exact job I wanted! Thank you, Jeanie! 


Markedia Hinds, CA

Listening to Mama Coach Jeanie speak that high profile/professional lingo that we would use when negotiating pay, has been so helpful.  I am so grateful to have learned the other non-cash items that we can leverage when negotiating.  I love being able to practice and then Coach Jeanie helping how we present our self and what mindset, tone, and attitude we should bring to the table.  I've also gained so much value meeting with Jeanie one-on-one.  She's helped me understand my budget and I'm looking forward to how we figure out what to charge for my services. 


Nellie Choi, NY

Jeanie is an astute listener. As a career coach, she's helped me clarify my vision and design a roadmap ahead.  She's someone who will keep you accountable towards your goals and hold a mirror to your core values and strengths along the way. Jeanie was a keen sounding board and a strategic thought partner that helped expand my opportunities. If you're someone like me who is multi-passionate, Jeanie is the right person to guide you along your path.


Joy Cole, NY

Jeanie Ahn has truly been a blessing and encouragement in how she uses her professional skills, financial acumen,  and interests to help others.


When starting my own business I was able to call on Jeanie for support; she provided great insights and advice. From expanding my business, career shifts, and financial transitions, I'm grateful that I did not have to endure the process on my own. 


Katherine Lee, NJ

Working with Jeanie as a coach has by far gone above and beyond my expectations. She has an excellent understanding about how to strategically and effectively navigate professional and personal goals and development. Jeanie has a genuine passion and gift for helping individuals succeed and meet their goals. She has been a source of inspiration and accountability and has played a vital role in helping me to achieve recent wins. Working with a coach who sincerely cares and champions you makes all the difference. I couldn't ask for more in a coach!

Sarah Hur, NJ

Jeanie's coaching service has been instrumental to my career. She pushes you to think big and encourages you to be unafraid to ask for more! She knows that everyone needs someone in their corner when it comes to navigating the job market and it showed in the type of guidance she gave during our talking sessions. Jeanie would be a great fit for anyone who feels a bit lost about what the next steps should be or how to find a job that fits your personal life (and not vice versa!). 
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