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What parents are saying...

Emilce C. 

"One of the best classes about money for kids (and the whole family) you can find! I wish they teach this class in schools! Fantastic teacher, kept the kids engaged, giving them valuable concepts, ideas and a super fun way to learn about money."

Jane L. 

"Jeanie is so great with the kids! My daughter now understands why credit score are important, how to save money, and why it’s important to make your money work for you through investments. So glad we put her in this class!"

Karen M. 

"My 4th grader truly enjoyed learning about more about how money works with Jeanie! She is now excited to open a savings account with an online bank (because she learned that she’ll earn much more interest!) and her brother want to take the class too. Jeanie kept the class engaging and fun. I will be recommending this class to friends who want their kids to to dip their toes in how money works."

Jessica Z. 

"What a wonderful and engaging class. Mrs. Jeanie is great, every week my son looked forward to her class. We learned so much. Highly recommend to other parents who want their kids to learn about money, savings, growing your money, giving, interest and much more."

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Jodie M. 

"Jeanie breaks down giving, spending, and saving in such a way that is fun for kids. 

I love that she teaches whole family how to have better conversations about money and gives the kids a better understanding of why we don’t always buy everything we want to buy. She encourages them with a key point every lesson to have a healthy relationship with their money and what it means to be monetarily responsible."

Emma U. 

"My 6yr old says “ this is the best teacher ever, because she teaches money all of the time and it got mommy to calculate how much money I can make if I start saving till I’m 30!”… and Mom says “ I love that this teacher has imparted a mindset into my child about giving, saving, working to earn money and planning ahead and now she seems to understand so much better when I say we need to save up for something and not just spend… Thanks Jeanie Ahn!"

Sarah T.

"Class was engaging and interesting. My son was very excited to implement her ideas after every session!"

Jeehae L. 

"Jeanie was an amazing teacher for my 8 year old. He has also taken an interest to how to run a business and this was a great class for him to understand how money works. Jeanie is very patient and encourages students to think in a motivated way. She encourages them to apply what they have learned and our family has certainly enjoyed having thought-provoking conversations regarding their money habits. We highly recommend this class to parents who want a refreshing voice to speak to their children about such a serious topic.


This is a fantastic class that works for even younger kids. Our daughter is in Kindergarten and she has learned so much about the worth of money and the importance of how that can be implemented through her daily habits. Jeanie is a fantastic teacher very patient with the curiosity of younger dispositions and we are floored by how much our daughter has learned. Highly recommend this course and the teacher! Hope Jeanie rolls out more classes in related/similar topics!"

Yegor I.

"Excellent course! Jeanie really got our daughter engaged and excited about managing money."

Jenny K. 

"We cannot say enough about Teacher Jeanie Ahn. She was warm, engaging, organized, and explained everything perfectly well for the age group. My daughter really enjoyed her class and learned a lot from her. We would absolutely take another class from her in the future!"

Diana P. 

"Jeanie made this topic very fun and enjoyable for my son. Thank you!!"

Amy H. 

"Our 6 year old (who turned 7 just before the last day of class) had a great time learning these very grownup concepts. He enjoyed how Ms. Jeanie made big ideas very simple for someone his age to understand. He loved the superheroes, jokes, and trivia questions."

Sha W. 

"Love the teacher - she is so patient and nice! My son enjoyed her class dearly."

Kate S. 

"My daughters loved this class.  They learned about big concepts with age appropriate stories, activities, and take-aways. The learning and conversation was always framed with positivity and empowerment.  Best of all, my kids started asking questions and paying attention to things at home with a fresh perspective and hunger for knowledge!"

Esther Y. 

"The students will learn about key money habits that kids can practice at an early age. The class is well designed for young kids. The class is filled with visuals and story telling to help kids be engaged for the entire duration. After taking Ms. Jeanie's class, my daughter is excited about saving and she is exhibiting good habits she learned about in class."

Heawoon S. 

"Great explanations about how money works in my daughter’s age(6). In each week my daughter learned practical things that she can apply in her daily life. Which was quite amazing!"

Gina R. 

"Jeanie is very passionate about instilling good money habits in our kids and her energy is infectious!! We are grateful for the opportunity to take her class and I think every child should learn these invaluable skills!"

Rika T. 

"This was great opportunity for my 8 year old son to learn about money which is such a big part of our every day life and yet it would not be talked about enough. It was a great introduction. He enjoyed learning new ideas and the activities in the class. I believe he has more understanding and better approach to money. Thank you Ms Ahn for wonderful resources to take away as well. You put us on right track. This is an on going learning experience and I am looking forward to revisit them with my son time to time so the ideal habits  actually become our habits."

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